Couples Massage

Couples Massage, is a great way to reconnect with your Partner, and help provide stress relief in each other's life! This can also be a Mother/Daughter, Father/Son or even just two friends option!

There are several ways that this can be done:

  • Massage with Two Tables / Two Certified Massage Therapists - I now have a room big enough for couples massage!
  • Couples Massage scheduling is not available on our online scheduler due to coordinating two therapists schedules at a time when we can use both massage tables in our large room, so if you are interested in a Couples Massage, please contact Brie at (916) 790-4596, (or use my Contact Form) and I will be happy to coordinate a time for you, and make arrangements with two therapists at the Massage By Brie location!

    Please check out our COUPLES MASSAGE SUNDAY page for more details!

  • Couples Massage Video - The other option is to purchase a Massage Video that was made by my friends Tiffany and Gary Blackden, the owners of GTS Therapeutics, in Fort Collins, Colorado. Tiffany and Gary, are both long-time Massage Therapists, and have been teaching Couples Massage for over five years. They have produced a professionally produced Couples Instructional Video that can be purchased and used in the privacy of your own home.

    Couples Massage Video

    Here is a video that gives a brief introduction to Tiffany and Gary's Couples Instructional Massage Video:

    Their full length video, that can be purchased below, offers tips on setting up your massage space, as well as instructions for a continuous full body massage. The video is indexed, so that from the Main Menu, you can jump directly to the body part that you want to work on. The couples video is family friendly, and the techniques can also be used on your children.

    To Purchase a Copy of Tiffany & Gary's Couples Instructional Massage Video - Instant Download only for $19.95:

    Buy Now!

    To Purchase a Copy of Tiffany & Gary's Couples Massage Instruction Video - Instant Download, Plus a DVD Shipped to You for $35.95:

    Buy Now!

    This video is a fantastic gift idea for your partner for Valentine's Day, Anniversary's, Birthday's, and Christmas, or just because you want to enhance your time together!

    Recommended Tips from Tiffany and Gary

    Here are some tips from Tiffany and Gary to make the most of your Couples Massage time together:

    • Schedule your massages in advance, and only do one massage at a time. This allows the person receiving the massage to totally relax, and they won't have to then have their turn at giving a massage immediately following theirs.

    • Make massage a regular part of your time together, so that you will be able to improve your techniques with each other. This will also help you keep each other's stress under control.

    • Turn off your phones, and do your massages at a time when you will get the least amount of interruptions, to ensure that you really have a chance to relax and pay attention to each other

    • Give each other feedback on the pressure, and what feels good and what doesn't, and offer helpful suggestions to improve each other's techniques.

    • Have a space heater or blanket handy in the room that you are doing massage, since it is normal to get a little cold as your body relaxes and slows down.

    • Warm up your massage oil or cream, but be sure to make sure that it is not too hot!

    • Relax...during the session! Put any family disputes or discussions about family finances etc, on hold during this time, and just enjoy your time of connecting with each other.


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