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You can find many great Sacramento Massage Therapists working at the Massage By Brie Studio in Midtown, Sacramento, CA!

Hi! I'm Brie Storz, and I am the owner of Massage By Brie in Midtown, Sacramento!  

In 2012, I rented out a large 800 square foot  Massage Studio, located at 902 21st Street, (see Directions) so that I could have a comfortable place to work.

My old-time clients can attest that my current space is MUCH better than my tiny room, in a noisy Salon, where I first started my Business, and I appreciate all my clients who stuck with my during those times!

I now have a Reception Room, Kitchen, Restroom, and TWO large Massage Rooms.

I am renting Massage Room space to some other Great Sacramento Massage Therapists for several reasons:

Brie Storz is the owner of Massage By Brie, in Midtown, Sacramento, CA
  1. To help offset some of my higher Rental Costs for the new facilities.
  2. To cultivate a great group of other Certified Massage Therapists who I can refer to New Clients or Existing Clients, when my schedule is too full to get you in when you need to be seen. Also, since one of my specialties is Prenatal Labor Massage, occasionally, I will need to take off to the Hospital at a moment's notice, and it is nice to offer a replacement therapist, instead of just having to reschedule my appointments.
  3. To offer a bunch of different modalities and services that I don't offer. Between all of us, we offer some great services, so it is great to try another Therapist's specialty services! 
  4. To offer a bunch of different time frames.  I only offer 60/90/120 minute massages, while some of the other therapists offer some quick services, where you can come in for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes. These services are less expensive than a 60 minute massage, making them more affordable, but they can also quickly address issues that you might have in a specific area, like your arms/hands, or your shoulder area.
  5. We have therapists of all different experience levels, with some recent graduates, and others like myself having years of experience. Experience level will typically be a factor on the Prices that each therapist charges, so we have services to fit every budget!
  6. Even though we all run our own Independent Massage Businesses, it is nice to have other Therapists on hand, to avoid working alone, to have someone to do trades with (Yes...Even we need regular Massages!), and to have others to share tips and techniques with. We can all learn from each other!

I am so delighted to welcome these wonderful Sacramento Massage Therapists to my Massage Studio!!

Here are the Sacramento Massage Therapists renting space at the Massage By Brie Studio:

Married to Massage

Katrina from Married to Massage has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2008, so is one of the more experienced Therapists, like myself.

Katrina has devoted herself to her client's health & well being while growing her Married to Massage business.  She is most complimented for her deep pressure and customer service skills. To enhance your massage experience, Katrina incorporates hot towels & stones as well as Young Living Therapeutic-Grade essential oils.

She is trained in several modalities: Swedish & Spa, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai, Pregnancy and Medical massage and is available for Chair Massage Events.


Katrina of Married to Massage is a Certified Massage Therapist in Midtown, Sacramento, CA

Tranquil Body & Mind

Christine Eden-Graves of Tranquil Body and Mind, is a Certified Massage Therapist as well as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. She is also a former co-worker of mine, before we both started our own businesses.

In addition to practicing Massage, Christine is currently attending school to be a Physical Therapist, so she is a great Therapist to see if you are dealing with any Pain Problems or Issues. I highly recommend her!


Christine of Tranquil Body and Mind is a Certified Massage Therapist in Midtown, Sacramento, CA

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MY BUILDING HAS SOLD! I'm Switching to Outcall Mobile Massage!

For those of you who don't already know, my building was sold, and I will no longer be working at the space my massage studio has been in for the last 5 years.  

I'm going to be doing mobile massage until further notice.  That means I'm bringing my table to you! It will be a whole new level of relaxation not having to drive afterwards!

I'll be raising my prices $10 to help cover travel time and gas.  New prices will go from $75 to $85/hr, $110 to $120/90 min, and $150 to $160/2 hrs.  

I won't be using my online scheduler to make sure that I schedule enough time to drive to my appointments, so call or text me at (916) 790-4596 to schedule an appointment!

Thank you for your patience with me during this transition, and thank you for being such amazing and supportive clients!

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