Student Massage

I'm sorry, but at this time, I don't have any Students, and therefore are not currently offering Student Massages.

Come get a Student Massage at Massage By Brie in Midtown, Sacramento!

Local Massage Students from the National Holistic Institute on Arden Way, are required to do a 56 hour Externship Program at a local Massage office, after they gain some initial experience working with clients at their school's Student Clinic.

This will give those who live in the Midtown and Downtown Sacramento area a place to come for a reduced rate Massage. Massage is so Therapeutic and everyone deserves them, but not everyone can afford to go to a Certified Massage Therapist with advanced training.

While going to Massage school myself years ago, I practiced Massage at my school's Student Clinic, and also worked as a receptionist for the Student Clinic for several years, where I assisted in running the Clinic and training the students. It was always in my long-term plan to offer Student Massages myself in some capacity, when I ran my own business. Offering students a place to do their Externship Program will also help with my goal of eventually teaching some Massage classes myself!

I plan to have up to four students at a time, so I can get a range of availability. Each student will be available to do three massages a week.


Cost of a Student Massage: $25.00/60 min Massage

(Currently, not offering 90min or 120min Student Massages)


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