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Massage By Brie, is a Sacramento Massage Therapist specializing in Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue Massageand Myofascial Release for Chronic Pain Problems.

Effective 3-1-2020, I have rented a studio room on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 4420 24th Street, Sacramento, CA  95822 in the Hollywood Park Neighborhood. The room is within a Chiropractor office that specializes in Prenatal work. 

There is parking in front of the building.

Please contact me by phone, or text at (916) 790-4596 to book a studio appointment.

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If YOU are looking for a Fantastic Sacramento Massage,
Book an Appointment with Massage By Brie, by calling/texting Brie at (916) 790-4596.

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 Update 9/18/2021:

I'm not scheduling any appointments at this time. I need to take some time off to be with family, make some much needed adjustments to my business and realign some things in my personal life. I'm uncertain of how long I'll be away or when I'll start taking appointments but I appreciate everyone's patience and kindness towards me in this difficult and transitional phase of my life. 

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