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This page is the MassageByBrie SiteMap, or Table of Contents. A SiteMap is an overview of the navigational structure of the Massage By Brie website, a quick and easy way of navigating around my site!

As pages get built out, we will include the links to the pages on the MassageByBrie SiteMap. Search for the item that you want, click on the link, and go straight to the item!

Welcome Section

Massage By Brie Section

    1. About Brie
      1. Certifications
      2. Continuing Education - Massage Classes Planned for the future
      3. Education - Massage Classes Taken
      4. Experience
      5. Licenses
      6. Memberships
      7. My Story - How I chose Massage Therapy as My Career!
      8. My SBI - Site Build It Story - Why I chose to use the SBI Site Build It Software for my Massage By Brie Website

    2. Book an Appointment

    3. Gift Certificates

    4. Massage Rates

    5. Online Payments

    6. Testimonials

    Top Specialties - Infant Massage (coming soon!)

    Top Specialties - Prenatal Massage

Top Specialties - Sports Massage

    1. Sports Massage
      1. Benefits of Sports Massage
        1. Sports Specific Massage
          1. Sports Massage for Baseball & Softball Players
          2. Sports Massage for Basketball
          3. Sports Massage for Cyclists
          4. Sports Massage for Golfers
          5. Sports Massage for Skiers and Snowboarders
          6. Sports Massage for Soccer Players
          7. Sports Massage for Swimmers
          8. Sports Massage for Tennis Players
          9. Sports Massage for Walkers

        2. Sports Massage News
          1. Sports Massage Resources
            1. Sports Nutrition
              1. Warm Ups and Cool Downs
                1. YOUR Sports Stories - Share YOUR sports stories, sports accomplishments and pictures, and tell how Massage how Massage has helped YOU in YOUR Sports Conditioning!

                Other Specialties

                Other Services


                Other Therapists:

                Sacramento Massage Therapists - this page summarizes the other Certified Massage Therapists who are currently renting space from me.

                1. Katrina from Married to Massage
                2. Tranquil Body & Mind - Christine Eden-Graves
                3. Sacramento Massage Room Rentals

                Student Massage: (not currently offering)

                1. Student Massage - Overview Page

                Esthetics / Skin Care

                • Esthetics Services Offered
                • Skin Care Products

                Pain Problems and How Massage Can Help!

                • Pain Problem News - (Per Google and Bing)
                • Arthritis Pain
                • Back Pain
                • Calf Cramps
                • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
                • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
                • Fibromyalgia
                • Frozen Shoulder
                • Headaches & Migraines
                • Hip Pain
                • Injury Pain
                • Joint Pain
                • Knee Pain
                • Low Back Pain
                • Lupus
                • Menopause Pain
                • Menstrual Cramps
                • Muscle Spasms
                • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
                • Neck Pain
                • Nerve Pain
                • Pelvic Pain
                • Plantar Fasciitis
                • Rheumatoid arthritis
                • Sciatica
                • Shin Splints
                • Stress
                • Tendonitis
                • TMJ Pain
                • Whiplash Pain

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                Hopefully you find the MassageByBrie SiteMap makes it a little easier to get around on my website. I am planning about 200 pages for the website, so it will help to have the main topics lined out.

                I will also be adding a Google Search Button in the near future while will also help with navigating my site.

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