Pregnancy Nutrition

Now is the Time to Learn Healthy Diet Habits

PREGNANCY NUTRITION is important to ensure a healthy, beautiful baby!

The following was written by my Aunt Kerry! She has a Science degree in dietetics, and I asked her to write a section on Pregnancy Nutrition on her website for me to link to. She runs a business called Lifestyle Solutions, and is a Sponsor of my website. In February 2011, she started a website called Healthy Diet Habits to put all her Nutrition information down on paper.

Pregnancy Nutrition Tips

The goal of every woman should be to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, and provide a healthy environment for their developing baby! This is the time in your life when you want to be practicing healthy diet habits and eating for your health.

Your baby will be eating and drinking what you eat and drink. If you are eating healthy foods, your baby will be eating healthy foods. If you are eating junk foods, so will your baby. If you are drinking alcohol, your baby will be also. Take the extra care and thought to plan Lifestyle Solutions that will allow for a healthy full term pregnancy. Your babies’ health should be foremost on your mind!

Some healthy pregnancy habits are:

  • Great Pregnancy Nutrition: What you eat goes directly to your baby. This is the time to eat healthy for two. Find out what that means!

  • Organic Foods: Is paying more money for organic foods important while I am pregnant?

  • First Trimester Nausea Tips: If you are feeling sick during the first few months of being pregnant, these are tips that may help you out!

Some unhealthy pregnancy habits are:

A few unhealthy pregnancy habits that pregnant women should be aware of:

  • Pregnancy and Alcohol: Is it advisable to limit alcohol while you are pregnant and will it affect your baby?

  • Pregnancy and Autism: Autism is increasing at an alarming rate. Is there anything I can do in my pregnancy to avoid it?

  • Pregnancy and Chemicals: Pregnancy and chemicals do not go together well! Exposure to environmental chemicals should be avoided as much as possible, because chemicals can harm your baby. What are the worst chemicals to avoid and how can I avoid them?

  • Pregnancy and Fish: Fish is healthy but are all types of fish okay to eat during pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy and Stress: What are some risks of stress in your pregnancy and what are some tips to limit stress. Prenatal Massage can help with your stress! See Massage By Brie's Benefits of Prenatal Massage list!

  • Pregnancy and Teflon: Should you avoid using products with Teflon while you are pregnant?

It is important in pregnancy to develop healthy pregnancy habits, and avoid unhealthy pregnancy habits to ensure a healthy, beautiful baby! You want that healthy pregnancy glow to show!

See Also: (These links are also from the Healthy Diet Habits site) 

  • Childhood Obesity

  • Healthy Infants - Topics include Healthy Breastfeeding for Babies, Infant Nutrition, and Healthy Homemade Baby Food

  • Healthy Kids This is a very popular section of Kerry's website, and includes topics such as, Communicating with Kids, Healthy Cooking for Kids, Healthy Diet Habits for Kids, Kids with Great Character, and Stealthy Healthy Cooking.

THANK YOU AUNT KERRY, for providing all this wonderful information that will help all my Prenatal Massage Clients!

If you have any questions for Kerry, Please use her contact form on her website, and she would be happy to answer and help!

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