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Prenatal Labor Massage, is one of Massage By Brie's Top Specialties! I have had extensive training in the Prenatal Massage Field, including Labor Massage, and have well over ten years of experience performing Prenatal Massage.

When you are looking for a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist, a Certified Prenatal Labor Massage Therapist, or a Certified Massage Doula, especially one who can assist you in the delivery room, it is very important to find a therapist who has had specific training in the Prenatal Massage & Labor Massage area.

I am available to hire for Prenatal Labor Massage! Once initial arrangements are made, I will clear my schedule, and be available for you once you go into Labor and go to the hospital. Just call me at (916) 790-4596 on your way to the hospital, and I can stay for the duration, or as long as you need me!!!

I can help ease the labor pains by massaging your lower back, side, and stomach during labor and anywhere else that you need it. This is especially useful for those who try to do child birth without the aid of medication.

If you are having a home birth, I am available to come to your home to assist you with your labor.

Brie Storz of Massage By Brie in Midtown, Sacramento, specializes in Prenatal Massage, and Labor Massage in the Delivery Room.

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Prenatal Labor Massage Review

"I have had many different therapists over the years, but now I have been with Brie for over a year. Awesome prenatal massages, awesome in the delivery room! My labor was so much better after my four hour massage. The best part of Massage By Brie, is that you get an amazing massage, and the schedule is flexible, so if you want one on a Saturday at 8am, or Wednesday at 6pm, Brie works with you to get the best time that works for you.  Brie, my back and shoulders thank you!"

Gwen @ Mon, 15 Nov. 2010

To find out how Pregnant Women can benefit from Labor Massage Therapy or Massage Doula Services in the Delivery Room (or at home), please see my Massage Doula page for more information.

My Massage Certifications

  • California Certified Massage Therapist - Requirement is 500 hours of Training.

  • Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist - 20 Hours of Advanced Prenatal Massage + Refresher Course taken in Jan, 2011.

  • Certified Labor Massage Therapist - 6 Hours of Labor Massage Therapy Classes

  • Certified Massage Doula - 12 Hour class

Massage is MY Passion! I Love working with Mom's to Be! - Here is some information that I wrote in a blog posting right after I took my Prenatal Labor Massage Certification Training in 2010:

I recently took a Prenatal Labor Massage Therapy class at the Healing Arts Institute, in Citrus Heights, California. Even though it was only a six hour class, it was packed with so many tips and I learned alot. I'm already Certified in Prenatal Massage, as I have been specializing in Prenatal Massage, since 2007. This class expanded my knowledge about the entire birthing process from start to finish.

I learned all about the acupressure points which have numerous benefits such as:

  • promoting natural labor induction
  • relieving labor pains
  • aiding with labor contractions
  • helping relieve nervousness, fatigue, and tension

In the class, we also touched on the benefits of essential oils for labor and birth which have many unbelievable effects. I recently purchased a small table water fountain, and downloaded a bunch of relaxing massage music, nd have purchased some essential oils as well, so that I can create a soothing and calming atmosphere in the delivery room for my clients.

Learning about home birthing, and hospital birthing gave me an idea of the different ways that a woman can plan their birth. I recommend watching, "The Business of Being Born", to get an idea of how you want your birthing process to go. Seeing this movie, made me really excited about starting the Certified Massage Doula course that I just signed up for, (class is now completed!) so I can be there to help a woman with positioning, relaxing, setting the right energy, helping with the pain, and just overall being there for her during the whole dilation, labor, and birth! How exciting!

I Love My Moms!

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I Look Forward to being your Prenatal Labor Massage Therapist!!
          Please contact me at            (916) 790-4596

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Book an Outcall Service with Brie (Prenatal and Existing Clients only), by calling Brie at 916-790-4596 to schedule.

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Update 4/5/2023:

Currently taking clients on my own again on an outcall basis.
Call Brie at 916-790-4596 to schedule an appointment at YOUR location.

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Prenatal Massage Testimonial

From K.S. @ Thurs, June 14, 2012


This was my very first massage ever, & it just so happened to be while at 35 weeks pregnant.  Brie made me feel so much more relaxed than I have in MONTHS! I told her about what parts of my back or hips bothered me due to pregnancy, and she focused and applied just enough attention and pressure to each spot that I left there feeling like I was a new person!  I understand now why so many people suggest Prenatal Massages. I simply couldn't have asked for a better first time experience either.

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