Sacramento Sports Massage

Let Massage By Brie Assist YOU with YOUR Sacramento Sports Massage Conditioning!

A Sports Massage is custom designed for athletes of ALL levels and ALL sports! I customize your Sacramento Sports Massage, to fit YOUR Sport, and I focus on the muscle systems relative to YOUR Sport!

Whether you engage in weekend sports, are a tri-athlete or a world professional athlete, Massage By Brie can assist you in your sports conditioning, both pre-event and post-event!! Regular on-going Sports Massage can help prevent Sports Injuries, or help you recover from a Sports Injury.

Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Labor Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release for Pain Management are my top specialties, so I work on a lot of athletes from various different sports.

When you are looking for a Sports Massage Therapist in Sacramento, it is important to find one who has had specific Sports Massage Training, and Sports Massage experience working on athletes!

This is a picture of my friend Tiffany Watts, and two of her friends Skiing and Snowboarding. She moved from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe a few years ago.

Sports Massage Testimonial

From: Derek N. on October 25, 2010

"INCREDIBLE!!...B was Awesome!"

She knew just the right pressure and points to help me recover from a long couple of weeks of hard physical activity!  I have recommended her to my fellow cycling teammates! Can't wait for next time!

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Additional Information:

Additional information on Sacramento Sports Massage will be provided soon on these topics. - I will go over the different problems and sports injuries that are common in each sport, and how Sports Massage Therapy can help you avoid injuries or recover from them:

  • Benefits of Sports Massage - Massage By Brie's Top Ten Reasons why ALL Athletes should include Sports Massage as part of their Sports conditioning
  • Sports Massage for Baseball & Softball Players
  • Sports Massage for Basketball
  • Sports Massage for Cyclists
  • Sports Massage for Golfers
  • Sports Massage for Runners
  • Sports Massage for Skiers and Snowboarders
  • Sports Massage for Soccer Players
  • Sports Massage for Swimmers
  • Sports Massage for Tennis Players
  • Sports Massage for Walkers
  • Sports Massage Resources - Here I will link to great articles and websites and products that I have found to assist with Sports Conditioning.
  • Sports Nutrition - My Aunt Kerry, has a degree in Dietetics and runs a business, Healthy Diet Habits that deals with Emotional and Mindless eating. She is working on some sports nutrition information for me!
  • Stretching
  • Warm Ups and Cool Downs - necessary to prevent sports injuries!
  • Your Sports Stories! - I'll provide a form where you can share your Sports Stories, Sports Accomplishments and pictures, and tell how Massage has helped you in your Sports Conditioning!

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Sports Massage Testimonial

From: N.J. March 15, 2012

Great Sports Massage!

I've been regularly going to Brie for about a year mostly to help with running related injuries / pain. It's made a huge difference, reducing recovery time and allowing me to run more miles a week.  I'd recommend her to anyone with minor to major sports related issues - she's the best therapist in the area!

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